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There are many unusual words and acronyms associated with the construction industry, so we thought it would be useful to provide explanations for some of them here.

What does CIS mean?
CIS stands for Construction Industry Scheme which sets out the rules for how subcontractors payments are handled by contractors in the construction industry.

What does it mean to be compliant?
To be ‘compliant’ means you have completed and returned all the documents we require (application form, ID & NI number) to ensure that the requirements of Government / HMRC are met.

What is a contract?
A contract is an agreement with specific terms between two or more persons or entities in which there is a promise to do something in return for a valuable benefit e.g. wages/salary.

What does CPCS mean?
CPCS stands for ‘Construction Plant Certification Scheme’. It is a health and safety scheme for plant and machinery drivers.

What is PAYE?
PAYE is a scheme in place which stands for Pay As You Earn. It is a system the HMRC uses to collect Income Tax and National Insurance contributions from employees.

What does UTR mean?
UTR stands for Unique Taxpayer Reference and is a 10 digit number for your record on the HMRC Self Assessment tax system. You will need to register here for one of these if you are self-employed.

What does CITB stand for?
CITB stands for ‘Construction Industry Training Board’. This organisation provides various training courses throughout the construction industry.

What does NPORS mean?
NPORS stands for ‘National Plant Operators Registration Scheme LTD’. This organisation provides training courses for various machines, such as a telehandlers and 360 excavators.

What does RTITB stand for?
RTITB stands for ‘Road Transport Industry Registration Scheme’. This organisation provides training courses for various fork lift machines.

What does ITSSAR stand for?
ITSSAR stands for ‘Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register’. This organisation provides training courses for various fork lift machines.

What is a domestic project?
A domestic project would take place in a residence such as a block of flats or a house. These can be occupied, unoccupied or void.

What is a commercial project?
A commercial project would usually take place in larger scale buildings such as offices, retail outlets, schools, etc.

What is a refurbishment?
A refurbishment is a work on an existing project / building and improvements are made to the interior and / or exterior.

What is a void property?

A void property is an unoccupied house that may need a deep clean and substantial internal and structural work.

What is a new build project?
A new build project involves building a project from scratch. For example a new housing development or commercial premises.

What does CSCS mean?
CSCS stands for ‘Construction Skills Certification Skills’. It is part of a scheme that confirms individuals working in a construction environment have the necessary training and qualifications.

Which documents are my ‘Application Documents’?

Your application documents are what we need from you in order for you to be classed as ‘compliant’ (see compliant) and eligible for pay. The documents you will need to send us are as follows;

  • Application Form
  • Proof of National Insurance Number
  • Proof of ID (Passport or Birth Certificate)

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